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Barge Cruise vs River Cruise Image

Barge Cruise vs River Cruise

What is the difference between Barge Cruising and River Cruising? 
Which one is better suited for me?

Barging offers more of a personal, intimate and boutique experience compared to river cruising. Below are some of the main distinctions between a barge cruise and a river cruise.

Barge Cruise
River Cruise
Duration 6 nights 7 - 21 nights
Waterways Man made canals and some rivers    Rivers
Length of Cruise   
Approximately 50 miles Typically several hundred miles and numerous countries
Guest Count 4 - 21 passengers 125 + passengers
Crew Count 2 - 6 50 +
Price $3,500 - $7,900 per person $3,000 + per person


•With such a small passenger count, barge guests have the pleasure of meeting and interacting with everyone, including the  crew. Within the first hour, the crew knows everyone on a first name basis, and will even know your signature drink by the end of the first night.

•Barges cruise at 4 miles per hour on the canals, where there are no currents. (You can actually walk faster than the barge cruises!) Guests visit a small area intimately and thoroughly.

•Compared to river cruising, barging focuses on more of a gourmet experience, especially with regards to food and wine.