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Life On Board a Barge Cruise

Bikes, Hair Dryers, Crew Gratuity AND More…
Everything You Need to Know About Your Barge Trip

Who is the Barge Crew?

You will be welcomed by anywhere from 2 to 6 crew, depending on the level of luxury of your vessel. Your crew will not only speak English, but most of them are English! You may encounter French crew, but they are fluent in English.They specialize in YOUR comfort and well-being. Within the first 5 minutes on board, they will know your name and will delight you with their hospitality throughout the cruise.Your crew will exude personal warmth, but are at the same time professional and service oriented.european hotel barge crew

What is a typical day in the life of a barge cruise?

Bicycling on French barge cruisesBarging is slow paced and relaxing. You will spend 3-4 hours per day cruising in the morning or afternoon (note – barges DO NOT cruise at night); the other half day is spent enjoying a guided excursion to a regional highlight near to the cruise route. These include wine tasting at vineyards,visits to chateaus, markets, churches and charming towns. Your daily excursions are outlined on the barge itinerary found on our website. Back on the barge, you can bike or walk along the canal and wander into tiny villages as the barge cruises, relax on the deck and soak in the incredible scenery, mingle with other guests, lose yourself in a book, take nap, or visit your Captain in the wheel house.

Are there bikes on board?

Yes! Barges carry simple to use touring bicycles for guests to use at their leisure. On barges that cruise on canals, tow paths run alongside the canal and are used to explore the canal and tiny villages along the way on bike or on foot. It is very easy to get on and off the barge at the various locks along the canal.The crew will help you and the bike on and off the barge.

A handful of barges cruise on petite rivers. Biking opportunities are not as plentiful, but can be arranged on some days.

What is the cuisine like on a barge cruise?

Food and wine are major highlights of barge cruising! Wake up to a beautifully presented breakfast spread of freshly baked croissants, pastries, cereals and fruits. Buffet style lunches, multi-course dinners and desserts are prepared fresh by your gourmet Chef every day showcasing local ingredients. “Continental Cuisine” is the style of food served on board…the barges DO NOT serve brains, sweet breads, tripe or headcheese! Sample menus appear on all barges on our website. Almost everything is made from scratch – the pastas, sauces, quiches, ice creams, etc. The presentations are artistic, and exquisite. A red and white wine is hand selected by your Chef to complement every meal. These wines are local vintages of the cruise region and are not exported, thus making for pleasurable discoveries. Of course…don’t forget the cheeses! An indulgent cheese selection is presented after each lunch and dinner, allowing you to sample a variety of local favorites.

On barges with meals eaten on shore, you will dine at charming and casual bistros. These venues have been selected by the barge owner to create an authentic dining experience. Dine with the locals like a local!gourmet cuisine on french barge cruises

Can the Chef Accommodate Vegetarians and Life Threatening Food Allergies?

Yes! Your Chef is a top professional and can handle almost anything! Be sure to let us know well in advance of departure your dietary allergies or health-related dietary restrictions. Vegetarian is a nonissue on barges these days but still important to let us know in advance. Throughout the cruise week a wide range of delectable cuisine is served, be adventurous and you may be pleasantly delighted with your new found love!

What do I wear?

what to wear on a french barge cruiseWhen The Barge Lady and Monsieur Barge Lady go barge cruising, they bring comfortable “casual smart” attire. During the day, casual and comfortable are the keywords. At night, most guests change into something slightly dressier, although this is not necessary. There may or may not be a “Captain’s Dinner” on your cruise. The format varies widely from barge to barge, but will bear no resemblance whatsoever to those fancy affairs on the large cruise ships! The last night’s dinner will always be celebratory, may include more courses than the previous dinners, and usually offers an appearance - and toast – from the crew. Guests may dress up a bit for the last night, but this is not mandatory. If you itinerary includes a Michelin starred restaurant, we recommend “country club casual” attire.

The Barge Lady’s Barge Cruise Attire
what to wear on a european barge cruiseDaytime: I wear mostly “Chico’s” brand clothes, especially the wrinkle free type.
Interchangeable tops and bottoms that you can get a lot of mileage out of are ideal.
At Night: I will upgrade an outfit in the evening by adding a cardigan or a scarf for a fresh look. I bring one change of shoes for the evening, usually a pair of flats that can match all my outfits for the week.
The Captain’s Dinner: I usually add a blazer to a previous outfit, or wear a dress/skirt. High heels and jewelry are NOT required, although we cannot guarantee what other guests will or will not be wearing

Monsieur le Barge Lady’s Barge Cruise Attire
Daytime: He wears a knit polo shirt with jeans, khakis or shorts.
At Night: He might replace his polo with a button down shirt, and please, no shorts at dinner for the men.
He also brings one change of shoes, something slightly dressier.
The Captain’s Dinner: He would wear a button down shirt. SOME men may be wearing a jacket, although it is not required.

Comfortable walking shoes are a must for daytime. Remember the villages are cobbled streets, and you are on a BOAT during the day! During cooler months we suggest that you pack layers. A light rain coat or umbrella is advised. Moreover, storage for luggage on board is adequate, but limited. Guests usually over pack.what to wear on a france barge cruise

Is there laundry on board?

On only one barge, La Nouvelle Etoile, is there a washing machine and dryer for the guest’s use. The availability of laundry service varies widely. On most barges, there is none at all. As of this writing, both the Shannon Princess in Ireland and the Prosperite in Southern Burgundy offer scheduled on shore laundry service at the guest’s expense. It is always possible to rinse a few light items in your cabin sink. If laundry is a requirement for you, we suggest that you arrange to have it done at your pre or post barge hotel.

What, who and how do I tip the crew?

As a general guide, we suggest an amount of 5-10% of your cruise price for the entire tip amount.
For example, if Mr. and Mrs. Smith paid $10,000 for their cruise:
• 5% = $500, 7% = $700, and 10% - $1,000. (We think that 7% is average, and 10% is on the high side.)
• Remember that tips must be earned, and this is a simply a guide.
• This is a personal decision based on the level of service that you received, the crew is always appreciative.

• On the last day of the cruise, you will give your tip amount in ONE LUMP SUM in USD or local currency to
   your Captain/Guide, whomever you interact the most with - this will be clear upon arrival.
• He/she will distribute it accordingly among the rest of the crew.
• Rest assured it will be distributed…if it is not, there will not be a crew the next day!

How does The Barge Lady tip?
She brings a few hundred dollars in local currency with her on the first day of the cruise and keeps it in her cabin. She stops at an ATM a few times throughout the week during the daily excursion to accumulate the tip amount. ATMS are readily available in the larger towns that you visit. Be sure to know your ATM pin number and to phone the issuing bank before leaving home to advise them your travel dates and what countries you will be visiting. This is for your security. We suggest you travel with two charge cards so you have a backup.

Are there creature comforts on board?

Hair dryers, internet access, cell phone reception, electrical requirements?
YES, YES AND YES! Each cabin has a hair dryer. Your barge is equipped with a laptop or WIFI… HOWEVER – it can be unreliable, spotty and even nonexistent at many times. Why? You are in the rural countryside! It is similar to being deep in the Rocky Mountains – sometimes there is reception, and sometimes there is not!
• You will get cell phone service for most of the cruise route.
• Cell phone service in the larger towns is definite.
• Barges in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany are wired for 220 volts, while
• Barges in England, Ireland and Scotland are wired for 240 volts.
• You must bring the proper adapter/converters to charge any devices that you bring.

What is the weather like during my barge cruise?

Unfortunately, The Barge Lady is not a meteorologist and cannot predict the weather! We suggest you visit and enter your cruise region. April, May and October are cooler and more unpredictable, while July and August tend to be hot. For guests barging in April, May and October, we advise you to bring many layers (sweaters, turtlenecks, jackets), as the weather can be cool and changeable over the course of a single day.


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