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Replete with flora and fauna, rural vistas, and lush vineyards, the Canal du Midi is an idyllic waterway perfect for luxury barging. Lifestyles here are carefree and casual; an abundance of sunshine, water, and wine sets the relaxed tone for Canal du Midi cruises. Boasting roughly 700,000 acres under vines, the Languedoc is the single biggest wine-producing region in the world, being responsible for more than a third of France’s total wine production.


Sightseeing Highlights

Carcassonne, a 2000 year old fortified French town, and home to the Cite de Carcassonne, the largest walled medieval fortress in all of extant Europe. The Languedoc wineries, touring the vineyards, and sampling the vintages. Gourmet samplings at small olive pressoirs and premium spirit distilleries. Expansive skies of languid colors at both sunrise and sunset are the Canal du Midi’s beautiful reminder to be there, not get there.

Indulgent Insights

With its proximity to the Mediterranean, the Canal du Midi’s culinary delights focus on “fruits de mer”, sun-kissed produce, and local delicacies such as cold-pressed olive oil and small batch Vermouth. Once known for its production of table wines, recently the Languedoc has elevated its appellations by aligning traditional grape growing methods with innovative techniques. Indeed, any cruise on the Canal du Midi is best enjoyed by fresh seafood and craft cocktails with friends and family!


Why Barge on the Canal du Midi?

The Languedoc is an extremely historic area, with many influences from the Romans, the Crusaders, and life of French royalty. Easily accessible by train from Paris or Barcelona, and within driving distance from Provence or Bordeaux, barges on the Canal du Midi are confidently recommended for those who wish to enjoy intra-European travels either before or after their cruise.

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Board barge Athos as she cruises the Canal du Midi, and get a glimpse of barging in the south of France.