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Explore the scenic beauty of Provence.


Sightseeing Highlights

Savor small batch olive oil at a local olive grove. Visit a working lavender distillery set high in the hills. Take in the city of Arles, once the home of a young van Gogh and now boasting a preserved Roman Amphitheatre capable of seating over 20,000 spectators. Sip rosé wines at a tasting among lush vineyards.


Canals & Waterways

The River Rhone, running north and south through the entire region, and the Canal du Rhone a Sète. Many waterways cross east-west through Provence, including the Petit Rhone.


Why Barge in Provence?

From large and complete Roman ruins to the exact scenes painted by the Impressionists, the sightseeing in Provence is incredible! The culturally and historically significantly cities of Arles and Avignon, hilltop villages, wine-tasting, and shopping complete the experience. A barge cruise in Provence is recommended for those interested in sightseeing first and foremost, and are always the perfect introduction to this area.