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Discover Holland,
The Land of Windmills, Tulips and Canals


Sightseeing Highlights

Explore Holland’s place in world history while also enjoying small slices of day-to-day life. Visit the gardens of the Keukenhof, watch artists create hand-painted pottery, and taste gourmet cheese.

Canals & Waterways

The Netherlands has no lack of water! There are several large natural waterways, and over time these have been connected to each other by inland lakes and man-made canals. These are living waterways, still fully used for pleasure and commercial transport, with homes and shops lining the banks.


Why Barge in Holland?

Holland’s architectural accomplishments and historical landmarks thrive side-by-side with local lifestyles and contemporary culture. Charming cities are full of dynamic design. Cruises in Holland offer fascinating itineraries and cultural insight only available from the unique perspective of the water. Flowers, flowers, flowers!