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Cruise the Venetian Lagoon and Po River Valley aboard barge La Bella Vita


Sightseeing Highlights

Tour Renaissance palaces with gorgeous frescoes and gardens. Explore towns and cities once home to famed musicians and artists.
Sip wine in private cellars. Dine ashore at a 17th century estate.
An Opera night!

Canals & Waterways

Our Italian cruise traverses two major waterways: the Venetian Lagoon, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, and then the Canal Bianco, or the White Canal, which intertwines with the River Po to Mantua.



Why Barge in Italy?

Barging in Italy showcases a country usually toured by land but best seen from the water. Discover the many cultures – Roman, Etruscan, Byzantine, and Renaissance – that have influenced the region over many centuries. As a guest on an Italian barge cruise, you can admire the architecture from eras of Italian history, sip wines from sun-drenched vineyards, and enjoy small slices of Italian life typically overlooked while traveling.