Sightseeing Highlights

The vineyards of Sancerre, with the most of pampered of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The delightful town of Montargis, often called “Little Venice” due its latticework of 131 flower-adorned canals and bridges. France’s best “crottins”, or miniature drums of goat’s cheese, are made here.

Canals & Waterways

The Canal du Briare and the Canal du Loing. Construction on the Canal du Briare started in 1604 and was completed in 1642. The Canal du Loing was inspired by the poor navigability of the River Loing and the success of the Canal du Briare’s commercial activity, and was completed in 1723.


Why Barge in Upper Loire?

Only a two-hour drive from Paris, barges in the Upper Loire are confidently recommended for those who wish to enjoy time in the City of Light either before or after their cruise. Plentiful opportunities for walking and bicycling along the placid canal augment the experience, while the ever-present ambiance of the countryside’s history is a welcome companion.