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The French Hotel Barging Experience


All About Your Cruise

Cruise routes are roughly 50 miles, providing the perfect opportunity to explore a small area through dynamic cultural immersion. Escorted excursions to attractions along the cruise route reveal idyllic scenery and provincial appeal. Walk through the grounds of ancient chateaux; stroll through a local market spotlighting devoted artisan producers. Daily sightseeing introduces guests to France’s place in world history, as well as the small slices of French life often overlooked while traveling.

Gourmet Food & Wine

Experience an exquisite journey of culinary discovery on your barge cruise in France. Continental cuisine is re-imagined through modern cooking techniques. Start the day with freshly baked croissants and pastries, from the local boulangerie. Lunch showcases colorful salads, savory quiches, and seasonal soups. Dinner is a multi-course gastronomic affair with gourmet entrees, desserts, and cheese platters. Cooking demonstrations and shopping with your Chef are some of the foodie-friendly activities found on French barge cruises.


Guided Sightseeing

You will spend 3-4 hours per day cruising in the morning or afternoon and the other half day is spent enjoying a guided excursion to a regional highlight near to the cruise route. These include winetasting at vineyards, tours of  chateaux, shopping at local food markets, exploring preserved churches, and strolling through charming towns. Daily excursions are outlined on the barge itinerary.

Bicycle Along the Canal or Relax on Deck

Barges have touring bicycles for guests to use at their leisure. On barges which cruise on canals, towpaths run alongside the waterway and are used to explore the canal and tiny villages along the way on bike or on foot. It is very easy to get on and off the barge at the various locks along the canal. The crew will help you and the bike on and off the barge.