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Why do people take barge cruises? Some are into the history of their ancestral region, or just an area that fascinates them. Some people want to try food and wine from an area they’ve never been. Some have favorite spots they want to see from a different perspective. Some people are into all of it.

There’s no one right reason to do a European barge cruise. There’s only yours. And at Barge Lady Cruises, we have a huge number of cruises, offering a combined 75 cruise itineraries, you can choose from.


The most popular country for cruises, and for good reason. Our French cruises offer:

  • Canals from the 17th and 18th century
  • Cultural experiences, gourmet food, and fine wine
  • 10 cruise regions to explore rural landscapes, historical highlights, and local lifestyle.

England, Scotland, & Ireland

Explore the dramatic beauty of the UK and Ireland. Our barge cruises in the British Isles offer:

  • Cruises through England, Scotland, and Ireland
  • Exploration of wines, whiskies, and unique cuisines
  • Cultural and historical immersion through castles and ruggedly beautiful landscapes
Central Europe

Europe is a diverse and beautiful continent, and the best way to see it is by barge. Our European cruises offer:

  • Cruises in Holland, Belgium, Italy, and Germany
  • Scenic routes through natural rivers and historic canals
  • Exploration through a variety of food, wine, and natural beauty.

Your Barge Cruise, Your Unique Experience

With Barge Ladies European barge cruises, no two trips are the same. With over 30 years of experience combined with expert knowledge gained by regularly visiting the barges and cruising as our guests do, we confidently curate your barge cruise to meet the needs, interests, and desires of your trip.

Whether you want to bike across the countryside, explore the castles that built Europe, or lounge on the deck sipping the world’s best wine, the Barge Ladies have the experience to create a trip that surpasses your dreams. You gather your group. We’ll do the rest.

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