Canals & Waterways

Barges cruise on the River Marne, Canal de L’Aisne a la Marne, Canal du Marne et Saone. Champagne’s inland waterways were originally designed for the purposes of trade. Initially completed in 1866 and then rebuilt after being entirely destroyed during World War 1, the Canal de L’Aisne a la Marne speaks to the military history so prevalent in the region. The Canal du Marne et Soane has seen phases of work throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, completed in 1907 after an the addition of another extension.


Sightseeing Highlights

The city of Reims boasting its famous Cathedral, where the kings and queens of France were crowned. For history buffs, visits to the somber but impressive World War I monuments are a must. Walking and bicycling along the canal’s towpath provides opportunity for active guests to explore. Tour Moet et Chandon where millions of bottles of champagne are stored in its cellars! Of course, no visit to Champagne is complete without a comprehensive immersion into the bubbly liquid for which the region is celebrated.

Indulgent Insights

Sipping Champagne and sampling gourmet goodies while barge cruising along the Marne River are two of the most delightful epicurean activities! Champagne’s boutique bubbly inspires seasonal menus and multicourse meals; creamy cheeses and savory dishes are paired with flutes of sparkling wine, while dark chocolate desserts are best enjoyed on deck with delicious digestifs. Cheers to fabulous wining and festive dining on a Champagne cruise!


Why Barge in Champagne?

Obviously, a great draw for champagne-lovers (but remember that wines from all regions will be served on board). A two-hour drive from Paris, barges in Champagne offer round-trip chauffeured transfers to and from the City of Light. For those in transit from other countries or regions, train service to and from Reims is fast and reliable. We find that travelers do not realize how much this region has to offer! We recommend a cruise in Champagne as an extraordinary element of a longer European vacation.