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Lori Young

Lori Young

Sales Director

We are so happy that industry veteran Lori Young joined our team in Fall, 2012. Lori is an expert at matching our guests to “that perfect barge,” based on her deep first-hand knowledge and a special intuition that only experience can bring! Here is the diverse background she brings to the service of lucky Barge Lady guests:

“I like to say that I have a wealth of experience from different job endeavors that has led me to the business of selling barge cruise in Europe. It all began as a travel agent in mid-town Manhattan followed by some 25+ years as a restaurant manager both in the U.S. and the Caribbean. I adored operations both in the front and back of the house and was an involved hands-on manager. Mid-way through that experience I side-tracked for several years to focus solely on international and domestic wine sales which at the time was becoming the chic nouveau drink of choice. This was an exciting time as the 'boutique' restaurant movement was born affording me the opportunity to work alongside world-class chefs and vintners. Doors began to open in all sorts of new directions with wine expertise under my belt. Before I could blink, my journey took me to operations at a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean and then to the yachting industry. In between I have always been a self-proclaimed home chef. Creating recipes is an on-going endeavor and I’m determined one day to write that cookbook!

What a perfect culmination in so many ways: food, wine, hospitality, sailing and sales experience! It was a marriage of sorts, bringing my passion for the good life to the hotel barge industry in 2004.

Having now been on over 40+ hotel barges, my close relationships with the barge owners affords me a personal approach to my interactions with you, sharing my passion for the inland waterways of Europe. Each time I have the good fortune to travel abroad I return more excited than my last trip. I visit as my clients do; maneuvering through train stations, taking taxis, staying at our recommended hotels, sleeping in the barge cabins, and exploring the excursions. From start to finish I do this to ensure that I can share and speak intelligently about the experience. Here I am with the delightful Moun at the Louvre Sainte-Anne, one of our favorite Paris hotels.

From petit villages unfurling their colorful markets, to the immeasurable chateaux, to the almost over-whelming antiquity of Europe, and then back to earth enjoying a simple pint in an Irish pub: I love it all! One of my favorite new destinations is Ireland, and I enjoyed writing a blog about an adventure in Dublin and on board the fabulous barge Shannon Princess.

Our diverse barges and cruise destinations await you - and I’m over-joyed to introduce you to the infinite possibilities!”

Lori says: "I get a glow while exploring the charming inland waterways of Europe aboard our barges. It’s a magical travel experience, offering a taste of history, culture, food, wine, and terrific hospitality; these experience help me match our clients to that perfect barge vacation."