6 - Star Barge Cruises

From $7,500 per person
Recommended for those who expect the very highest levels of accommodations and amenities, every last detail is considered to create an extraordinary barge cruise in this elite category. Boasting the largest cabins in barging at approximately 250+ square feet, 6 star vessels offer King sized beds. Other amenities typically include a hot tub and an open demonstration kitchen, while the accommodating crew deliver flawless service with polished professionalism.

5 - Star Barge Cruises

From $6,500 per person
The cabin sizes are approximately 200 square feet, and some offer the choice of King sized beds. Expansive decks, grand salons, and spacious cabins provide guests generous havens of glamorous comfort, while attractive amenities such as a hot tub and open demonstration kitchen augment the upscale ambiance. The crew of typically six offers service that is both personable and experienced. Recommended for those who enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate a commitment to quality and comfort.

4 - Star Barge Cruises

From $5,500 per person
From the loveliest of owner-operated floating homes to the most classic of hotel barges, 4-star vessels are noted for an atmosphere of fun and festivity. Perfect for those who are more casual travelers interested in clean and comfortable accommodations, this category contains a group of eclectic barges, with cabin sizes ranging between 125 – 200 square feet. A variety of onboard amenities await, and a dedicated crew of four to six ensure the guest’s pleasure and contentedness.

3 - Star Barge Cruises

From $4,000 per person
The best option for guests more interested in authentic experiences than in onboard amenities, a 3-star barge encourages guests to discover modern French lifestyles in a relaxed way. The cabins are approximately 100 square feet, yet these cozy havens are perfect for the purpose they serve. Sometimes operated by the barge owners themselves who serve as the Captain, Tour Guide, and Chef, these charming vessels reflect a more personal style in terms of cuisine, décor, and ambiance.